Buying and Selling Horses


If you have a horse that you would like to sell, or are looking for a new partner, let's start that process! Maia’s experience with sales of all types of horses, and many buying trips to Europe, will help make it a smooth process. 

Training Young Dressage Horses

Training a young horse can be a daunting and long process. Maia was able to gain experience with young horses in a professional training facility, and stands behind a solid training in the basics from a young age to maximize the way a horse can use its body as it goes through the levels. Let MB Dressage help you prepare for the future! 


Every-day Training for Horse and Rider


Every training session can feel different, and it is no easy task to achieve the perfection we are after. Even if an individual training session is hard, don't let it bring you down! Together we can work through any problems you or your horse might be having, and lay out a plan to reach the goals you have as a rider. 

You can create a program with Maia, Stephan, or a combination of both. Stephan Cheret has an impressive history of showing, training horses, training riders, selling top quality horses, and much more. Having an experienced Grand Prix coach on your bench will bring out your full riding potential!

1 Lesson or Training Ride with Maia: $75 *may fluctuate with travel time*

Full Training+Boarding package in Pittstown, NJ: $2400

Training goes beyond just riding. MB Dressage will teach you essential skills such as grooming, wrapping, lunging, and much more to maintain a healthy and happy horse. 


Being Competition Ready 


Having now competed from small local shows, to the biggest show in the nation, MB Dressage wants you to be excited and prepared for your next show!

If you have a horse you would like to be shown for you, Maia has experience showing all types of horses and is more than willing to get your horse to the show ground. Contact now to set a show schedule!

If you are new to showing in dressage, MB Dressage can help you with all the details. Preparing a correctly ridden test, making sure you optimize the potential of your horse on show day, focusing under the show nerves, are just a couple of things Maia can teach and assist you with. 

If you have show experience, but need help to improve details and turn those 7's into 8's, let's get to work! Together we can learn and grow with each show and test to reach your goals for you and your horse. 



Get the group together! If you and other like-minded riders want to have a dressage education day, lets set up a clinic to make the most out of your day! Contact Maia today for rates and scheduling