Maia Barnes began riding dressage in May 2015. Having only done eventing in the past, she was new to the dressage world and got to work quickly by importing her horse Benvica within 2 months. Now the assistant trainer to Stephan Cheret, Maia worked with Stephan to go from a training level rider to an FEI rider in only two years. Maia did her first show in August 2015 in Training Level; right away with top scores. She quickly fell in love with everything dressage had to offer, and became more serious about showing.

In the 2016 season she continued with First Level and made it all the way to Third Level in the same season, competing in the Third Level Region 8 Championships later that season. The 2017 show season came quickly after a winter of hard training, allowing the pair to begin seriously competing in Fourth Level.

By the end of the 2017 regular season, Maia was showing three horses in three different levels, qualifying for the National Championships with two of them. She competed in some big arenas like Dressage at Devon, and later the U.S Dressage Finals. Maia won a National Champion title in Fourth Level in 2017, and placed fifth in the Prix St. Georges National Finals.

A USDF Bronze and Silver medalist, Maia now only has 2 scores left to get her Gold medal. With these accomplishments, Maia is ready to share her passion and knowledge with others. Maia has gained experience with all types of horses from young to old, and all ranges of temperaments and types. Maia never shy's away from a challenge, and is patient with all horses in the learning process.

Her focus is largely on basics, without which neither a horse nor rider can further their skills correctly. Maia knows that in dressage, a rider will be learning for their whole life, and hopes to always have a trainer to gain knowledge from no matter what level she rides. "The passion I have developed for dressage is one that I hope I can share with others, giving them both knowledge to improve, succeed, and a thirst to learn more."